Environmentally Friendly

nP Projectiles​

Our Green Solution


With an ever-growing environmental awareness and concern to reduce hazard and safer products, nP Technology is committed to providing products and support for the next generation of projectiles and projectile development.

Outstanding for shooting at outdoor or indoor ranges, our nP Projectiles are constructed with nanotechnology engineered “green” materials and are 100% LEAD FREE.


There is no splash back to the shooter when our nP Projectiles are fired on steel targets, even at extremely close range. With traditional frangible projectiles, fragments can be thrown back to the shooter as far back as 50 meters due to the sintered metal used. Our projectiles are designed to powderize upon impact with hard surfaces to prevent ricochet risks and improve safety during close-quarter combat and indoor training.

Our nP Projectiles provide realistic performance without risk to the environment or shooter safety.


Our innovative lead free nanomaterial composite materials combined with the production advantages of the molding process allows us to develop and produce superior quality projectiles.

The nP Technology projectile delivers unsurpassed quality that extends the life of your steel, your barrels and your range. This is also an ideal projectile for Bowling Pin Matches.

Accuracy and energy on target are not compromised. Our projectiles provide genuine “train with what you carry” experience. Shooters can hit targets out to distance or up close without configuration changes.

Additional nP Projectile Benefits

  • High concentricity
  • 100% LEAD FREE
  • Increased barrel life
  • Flat fast trajectories
  • No ricochet or fragments – turns to dust
  • Reduced over-penetration
  • Standard chamber pressure