5.56 / .223

Performance Parameters

  • Highly accurate
  • Does not leave barrel residue
  • Standard chamber pressure
  • No projectile jacket means no harmful fragmentation splash on target impact from as close as 6”
  • Dramatic ricochet reduction when shooting from as little as 15°
  • Massive improvement to the lifecycle of your targets and facility
  • Performs in suppressed and full-auto weapons
  • For use in all .223 caliber and 5.56 mm caliber firearms
Available Grain Weights from 30 to 72
Loaded in Stainless Steel Case
Loaded in Stainless Steel Case

Primary Use: Suppressed Carbine, Rifle

By: Civilian and Military


With no compromise of accuracy or consistency, nP Technology Lead Free Composite projectiles provide a genuine shooting experience with no artificial safety considerations for splash or fragmentation from jackets. Fast or slow, near or far, no matter what combination you’re shooting, our frangible projectiles deliver quality that will go easy on your barrel, work in your favorite case, and ease the pressure of environmental concerns facing many ranges and shoot houses.


With an ever-growing environmental awareness and expectation for reduced hazards and safer ammunition, nP is committed to providing the projectiles for this next generation of ammunition.

Available Features
Hollow Point
Signature on Target
One Way Luminescent
Short-Range Training